Human Dimensions Research Fellow

Principal Investigator: David C. Fulton. Postdoctoral

Research Associate: Susan Schroeder (Ph.D., Natural Resource Science and Management – Environmental Science Policy and Management).

There is continued demand from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to conduct studies focused on the human dimensions aspects of fisheries, wildlife, and ecological management issues. While many of these studies provide funding opportunities for graduate students including graduate theses, creation of a Human Dimensions (HD) Research Fellow position at the Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit provides a way to collect additional information more cost effectively. In addition, this position could help ensure that data are collected in a consistent fashion across activities and issues and over multiple years. Doing so facilitates the development of a human dimensions information database that is comparable across issues and over time. Such a database is an important cornerstone in creating an effective human dimensions research partnership between the Minnesota DNR and the University of Minnesota, through the Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit.